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When will course completion credit be posted to my CE transcript?
Bricker Insurance Education is responsible for posting your CE credit to your State-Based Systems (SBS) CE transcript. Webinar and video course completions are posted within one (1) business day and seminar course completions are posted within ten (10) business days. Please let us know if you need your credit posted sooner and we'll make every attempt to accommodate your request!

Can I change my registration to another education offering?
Of course! At any time, you are welcome to change your paid seminar, webinar, or video registration to any alternate education offering available from us. For example, if you've registered for a seminar program and are unable to attend, simply call (877.701.5166) or email us to request to transfer the full amount you paid to an alternate seminar, webinar or video registration. No additional fees whatsoever!

What if I need to cancel my seminar registration?
We are happy to provide a full refund of any paid registration prior to the beginning of the seminar with no cancellation fees whatsoever! Once the seminar has commenced, registrations may only be transferred to an alternate seminar, webinar, or video program offered by us.

What if I need to cancel my webinar registration?
We are happy to provide a full refund for paid and unused webinar registrations. No cancellation fees whatsoever!

What if I need to cancel my video registration?
We are happy to provide a full refund for paid and unused video registrations. Refund requests for video courses that have been selected in the course catalog, added to the shopping cart, and the checkout process concluded, will be short-rated by a fee of $8 for each course. For example, if you purchase a 24-hour Video CE package for $199 and later request cancellation of your order, we will refund the full $199. However, if you've purchased the 24-hour Video CE package, login to our Video CE system, add three courses from the catalog to the shopping cart and then checkout, your refund will be reduced by $24 (three courses x $8).

What is our privacy policy?
Bricker Insurance Education respects your privacy. We will not sell, rent or lease your personal information to any third-party without your prior written consent unless to (a) respond to information requests of police or government authorities or (b) comply with any law, regulation, subpoena or court order. Attendance in or at any of our educational offerings shall not constitute your consent.

I have another question.
Simply send your question and we will provide the requested information promptly.