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video continuing education FAQ
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What is a Video CE Bundle?
By purchasing a 13- or 24-hour Video CE Bundle, you'll be able to select any combination of our video CE courses while saving over 30% off of the individual course pricing. After we receive your Video CE Bundle payment, you will receive instructions for setting up your Video CE account (if you haven't already done so) and a coupon code. Then you'll be ready to select (applying your coupon code) and complete up to 13- or 24-hours of video courses from the course catalog at your convenience.

Do my Video CE Bundle credit hours ever expire?
Absolutely not! Once you purchase a Video CE Bundle, you may select and complete your video courses soon afterwards or use your prepurchased credit at any time into the future. No deadline, expiration, or shelf-life!

Can I purchase video courses individually?
Of course! Simply setup your video account here or login to your existing account, add your course(s) from the course catalog, and complete the checkout process. You'll be able to begin and complete this course(s) immediately after purchase.

How do I watch a video course on a PC, Mac, or mobile device?
After you've purchased your video course(s) and selected them from the course catalog, they will appear on your dashboard page. Simply press the play button and the presentation will begin automatically within your preferred internet browser.
NOTE If you are new to our Video CE system, we recommend that you take just a few minutes to watch our Video Enrollment: A Quick Guide. This short tutorial will assist you in registering for, beginning, and completing our video CE courses.

How is my attendance confirmed?
As you watch each video, the course presentation will  randomly pause at least twice each 50-minute credit hour and ask that you answer a simple (ungraded) question such as "What is my license number?" or "What is my home town?" You will have 30 seconds to respond to this 'checkpoint' or the course will restart at the beginning of the current credit hour and you'll lose all prior progress in that hour. 

IMPORTANT You will not receive CE credit for attendance if you do not respond to each of these inquiries, so please pay careful attention during the video presentation.  We recommend that you find a quiet room at your home or office and avoid interruptions such as visitors or phone calls.

When will my CE credit be posted?
We will post your CE course completion credit directly to your SBS CE transcript (your official transcript with the Oklahoma Insurance Department) within one (1) business day.
NOTE Although rare, course completion postings may be delayed due to SBS maintenance or other downtime.

Can I take a break?
Yes!  You can pause the video presentation at any time and, if necessary, logout of the Video CE system and then resume later right where you left off.

Will there be an exam?
Never!  Attending a video course is just like attending a classroom seminar.  Simply pay attention, confirm your attendance by responding to the 'checkpoint' that appears at least twice per credit hour, and you will receive CE credit for your attendance.

What are the minimum system requirements?
Memory 2GB of RAM (32-bit) or 4GB of RAM (64-bit)
Operating System Windows 7, Mac OS 10.7, iOS 6, Android 4
Screen Resolution 1024x768
Browser Internet Explorer 9.0, Safari 6, Firefox & Chrome current (or current -1)
Internet Connection Cable modem, DSL or better
Please keep in mind that these are minimum system recommendations and other environmental factors may impact your course delivery performance. Contact us if you have any questions about your specific environment or if you are experiencing any technical difficulties. Be sure to close all other tabs, browsers, and programs while streaming your content. It may also help to hard wire your Internet connection instead of using a wireless network connection. While our Video CE system may run without issue in older operating systems and browser versions, these are not actively tested and we may not address bugs that appear when operating within these older environments.

I have another question.
Simply send your question and we will provide the requested information promptly.